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about us

Founded in 2000, Future Gate Business Services remains one of the region’s fastest growing service establishments. With more than 25 years of combined experience in Qatar, our mission is to provide reliable, expert assistance to international companies establishing branches in the State of Qatar. Future Gate excels in reliable service and relevant solutions to new and existing companies.

Future Gate’s competence earned it the confidence of its clients by offering time effective service in both government and private sector offices, from establishing company registrations down to employee family sponsorships. Our experienced staff works closely with the Immigration Department, Labor Department, Chamber of Commerce, Central Investigation Department, Medical Centers, The Ministry of Business & Trade, The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture, and Police Departments. Since these departments generally speak only Arabic and local law and regulations are constantly being revised, newcomers often become frustrated and overwhelmed with this time consuming processes. Future Gate takes the burden out of these transactions in order to enable corporations to recruit staff, process all immigration services, supply housing and office space, legally prepare and attest contracts, and numerous other services as outlined.