Our company is built on a basic belief that the combined wisdom of our people, their experience and creativity, and the practicality of their solutions will help our business overcome all challenges. We pride ourselves on providing a challenging and progressive work environment, and our professionals pride themselves on independent thinking, resourcefulness, timely execution, and responsiveness.

We are constantly seeking for professionals with diverse levels of experience across industry verticals. We encourage opportunities to work in a variety of industries, services, and roles that will best leverage your strengths across industries. We invite you to consider the possibility of becoming a good addition to our team by exploring a listed career path that will expand your skills and further your expertise:

  1. FGS/JOBS/2018/3 Client Account Coordinator
  2. FGS/JOBS/2018/6 PRO

Salaries are based on experience and professional competence.

Qualified candidates should email their CVs with a cover letter, indicating the reference number in the email subject to: