The city orientation program can be used as a pre-decision or preview trip and is intended to provide sufficient local area knowledge to enable an employee and their family to decide upon whether to accept a proposed assignment. Designed as a fully customizable program, it can also be used as a settling-in service or as part of the home finding process.


All of our city orientations begin with us sending an e-mail outlining:

• The service entitlement to the Assignee
• An open invitation to pose any specific questions the Assignee may have pre-arrival
• A proposed itinerary, with the opportunity to amend
• An informative description of living in the city
• Any additional information required by the Assignee's company

When moving to a new city, there will always be sense of the unknown. During the city orientation, we aim to provide answers to the many questions that may seem trivial: Where can I get oriental cooking supplies? Who is the best Pilates Instructor? Is there a softball league for my kids? Or, How do I keep up with my favorite soap opera from back home? These are just a few of the thousands of questions the Intouch Relocation Company and our other teams in the region have answered. Feel free to ask us anything and we will try our best to get you the answer!


We always deliver a Welcome Pack to the Assignee's hotel or accommodation prior to meeting:

• Client is greeted by a personal Moving Relocation Services Agent at a designated time and place
• Introductions include practical and cultural aspects of the city such as housing, insurances, education, banks, telephones, doctors, dentists, and other key amenities like clubs, recreation, and shopping.