Corporate Compliance

We can offer your company corporate document checks and annual renewals:

  • Minister Decree checking & renewal, if needed
  • Commercial Registration amending & renewal
  • Chamber of Commerce Membership amending & renewal
  • Municipality License amending & renewal
  • Civil Defense License renewal
  • Signboard License amending & renewal
  • Computer Card (Immigration card ) amending & renewal
  • Tax Card renewal

Ministry of Labor Compliance:

  • Registering with the Labor Department and handling of the inspections
  • Employment Reports
  • Labor Contracts check up and attesting
  • Block Visa amending & renewal
  • Labor Law changing notifications

Immigration & Traffic Police Compliance for Employees:

  • Check all  working employee visas for compliance with the Immigration Laws and Regulations to avoid illegal workers
  • Immigration Laws and Regulation changing notifications
  • Working Visas Expiry Notifications to avoid delay penalties
  • Validate all employee Driving Licenses and confirm approved licenses in Qatar