Oil and Natural Gas

Qatar has one of the world’s largest oil and natural gas reserves. State-owned Qatar Petroleum (QP) manages the country’s oil, gas, fertilizer, petrochemical, and refining enterprises in Qatar and abroad. QP has developed major liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects with foreign shareholders and is using advanced technology to convert LNG into internationally marketable liquid products.


Outside the oil and gas sectors, the manufacturing industry is one of the largest contributors to Qatar’s economy. This sector is supported by the government in a bid to diversify the economy and maximize the use of the country’s natural resources.

Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

Growing at a rapid pace, this sector consists of banking, insurance, financial intermediation, real estate, and business services and is becoming one of the most important sectors in the Qatari economy.

Building and Construction

Building and Construction is a major contributor to employment and the economy. Credit issued by banks to this sector has increased significantly in recent years and, as the economy of Qatar continues to grow, the government is still investing heavily in developing the country’s infrastructure.

Trade, Restaurants, and Hotels

This sector proves to be one of the most promising for Qatar’s future as the tourism industry gathers momentum. Qatar aims to be a one-stop destination for all kinds of travel, including business trips, cultural events, education, and sporting events.

Transport and Communications

Qatar Airways is the designated national air carrier of Qatar. It is a joint public and private venture, flying to more than 80 destinations around the globe. Until recently, Qtel was the sole telecommunications service provider in Qatar; Vodafone now also operates within the country.

Electricity and Water

Most of Qatar’s electricity is fueled by natural gas turbines and water desalination is achieved in tandem with electricity, giving Qatar an impressive capacity.

Agriculture and Fisheries

This sector traditionally plays a minor role in the Qatari economy due to generally unsuitable weather and environmental conditions. Fortunately, innovative technologies are being applied to help stimulate this sector.