For an Assignee with children, securing a suitable school is imperative to the relocation process and is often the deciding factor between accepting a new assignment or not. Educational counseling helps in the assessment of the suitability and availability of schools offering a preferred country, national, or international system as well as assistance in completing any entry requirements or registrations.  The Intouch Relocations Team has the extensive understanding and experience needed in order to help and counsel families moving to Kuwait or other assigned countries.



All our education counseling modules begin with an e-mail outlining:

  • Any service entitlement to the Assignee
  • Guides to all of the educational options available in the designated new city
  • An Educational Requirements Questionnaire

Managing Expectations:
We will spend as much time as necessary via telephone and e-mail giving appropriate support and advice to help to create realistic expectations before traveling to the new city, especially in regards to gaining admission to a preferred institutions. We have found that this open communication is paramount to the overall success of the relocation.


  • Provide verbal/written information about schooling to include, where available, details regarding any school league tables and examination results
  • Arrange and accompany visits to schools and facilitate discussions with the School Administrator
  • Registration assistance for children entering the school