Terms and Conditions

By clicking on the agreement check box you confirm that you read and agree to the following terms and conditions :

  1. Appointment of Future Gate and Engagement

You hereby engage Future Gate on a non-exclusive basis, and Future Gate shall provide You/Your Clients with the following services in Qatar, and such other support services as the Parties may agree in writing from time to time (referred to as the “Services” to include a tasking of an activity detailed in clause 1.1):

1.1   The Services 

To assist in interactions with the relevant government agencies in Qatar to obtain and renew the business visa for the individuals related to this application.

2. Legal Responsibility

2.1   You/Your Clients shall be responsible for all claims, damages or liabilities as assessed by governmental authorities or third parties within Qatar arising from any breach of Qatari Law, either directly or indirectly by You/Your Clients, with no liability to Future Gate.

2.2  You/Your Clients shall be responsible for payment and costs of all expenses and charges, including but not limited to freight, flights, medical, salary, allowances,   for the individuals holding the visas related to this application.

All government and Service Fees associated with the application is included in the fees 

There will be no refund if case of request is rejected for the following reasons :

a)      Providing wrong information on the application.

b)      Government rejected the application for security issue .

c)      Government rejected the application for political reason with the passport holding country .